About Enex
Despre Enex

About Enex

Enex is supplying electricity and natural gas. Our company offers contracts adapted to energy consumptions and information regarding the regulations on the free Romanian market of energy.
Enex - Plin de energie! Enex - Plin de energie!
We provide complex services for consumptions monitoring, we transform the daily consumptions and the electricity quality parameters in real time, by mounting witness meters.
We implement solutions regarding the problems related to continuity in supply. We continuously show interest in reducing energy prices, by attending on the Equilibration Market and on the Next Day Market.
Enex - Plin de energie! Enex - Plin de energie! Enex - Plin de energie!
We put at our customers' disposal services and products which are complementary to the main supply activity, by permanently offering consultancy and updated technological solutions, such as telemetering and monitoring systems.



Plin de energie!